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The natural way to help your baby sleep

When you have a baby you expect to be sleep deprived…babies don’t sleep for long stretches of time because they need to feed, it keeps them alive!

Those first couple of months, you function just on adrenalin…a haze of sleepless nights and bitty days

Then you read about the end of the fourth trimester, about babies consolidating sleep and developing a rhythm…and you wait

Your friends with babies start to look a bit more human…their babies have read the book and are sleeping for bigger chunks of time.

Your baby just doesn’t sleep…ever.

You’re not expecting them to sleep through the night, you know that will come in time. And you want to be there for them when they wake, it’s what you’re there for…

BUT you can’t go on surviving on two hours sleep a night…you know they could be sleeping better, that something is stopping them from sleeping

Your baby doesn’t nap for long and doesn’t sleep at night for long either…and you’re just about functioning

You really want to enjoy these precious days, but in reality you’re depleted, fed up, feeling like you’ve lost yourself and feeling guilty (because of how you feel and because you can’t seem to make it any better)

There has to be a way to help your baby sleep better…

The Blissful Baby Sleep Programme is not about forced routines, pushing for sleeping through the night and telling you what you’re doing wrong

This Self Study Programme will help you understand WHY your baby can’t sleep for longer than an hour

It will help you understand WHY your baby takes an hour to go down for a nap and then wakes up after 40 minutes

It will help you understand WHY, just as things seem to be possibly getting better, everything gets worse again

It will also give you gentle, natural techniques to help your baby sleep better…techniques that are tried and tested, easy to implement and work.

I’ve been where you are…so sleep deprived that I could barely remember my name, never mind look after another human being

I knew there was a reason why my baby couldn’t sleep longer than 35 minutes in the day and then woke every single hour throughout the night…and I knew there was a gentle way to help him, no way was I ever leaving him to cry

I worked it out…and he started sleeping

Don’t get me wrong, there were blips…but I understood why and was able to prevent them from escalating and turning into a sleep issue

Since then, over the last 5 years, I have helped hundreds and hundreds of Mums understand their Little Ones’ sleep…and help them sleep better

I work with Little Ones as old as 7, who have never slept well. They have sleep issues which could have been prevented years before, had their mums been given the right information.

We are led to believe there are only two options ~ Cry it Out or Wait it Out…it’s not that black or white, there are shades of grey and this is it!

6 modules of practical information, that you can work through at your own pace and refer back to whenever you need to…it’s yours to keep forever

As a supported programme, your lifetime access to Blissful Baby Sleep is just £99

Plus, you get a month in my Sleep Deprived Mum’s Club, to receive support from me…absolutely FREE!