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Doing this alone will not help sleep!

We’ve had a couple of dodgy nights where there could have been so many reasons for the waking…Leap 7, teething, the heat…but I’ve worked out it was something in the chicken casserole that Violet tried for the first time a couple of days ago. She won’t be having that again…and I know what I need to give her today that’s gentle enough not to upset her tummy, but will also clear whatever is affecting her, out of her system!

It’s very rare that there is just one reason for a Little One having a sleep issue, it is often more complex than that. If we take a development leap for example, the primary sleep resistance trigger is mental because they’re learning so much more and have a busy mind. You will also have big changes that affect them emotionally, and as they miss out on sleep, become overtired so they are then affected physically.

So you can see why, very often the blanket, one size fits all, let’s focus on the behaviour approach doesn’t work. You can read books, but they’re not written about your Little One are they! Your Little One laughs in the face of going down drowsy but awake and it’s hard to communicate as little as possible during night wakes when they’re climbing all over you or repeating your name over and over and over and over!

Your Little One’s sleep will improve much quicker when you work with a layered approach…by looking at their behaviours and sleep patterns, you can identify why they’re waking (or not going to sleep in the first place!) You then address each separate issue. So, it could be that there are some Bach Flower Remedies to help with the mental and emotional triggers, but then you need something practical to help with the overtiredness that comes with it.

This is the way I work with my 1-2-1 clients and also in my programmes. Two years ago a group of mums who had taken part in my Ultimate Toddler Sleep Programme asked me to create something so that they could learn more about how to work things out, and about the natural techniques that I use…so that they could deal with any blips that arose, whilst also having some natural tools to help them with all of the other tricky aspects of parenting!

Energy Work for Little Ones was born…and it’s back!


My best selling programme which has changed the lives of so many mums and Little Ones is available now…and with a massive discount if you buy by Friday 2nd June!

This programme will take your understanding of your Little One, their emotions and their sleep to new heights!

A unique combination of practical techniques, information, Energy Techniques & other Complementary Therapies that can help you with:~

purple_heartProtecting them from other people’s stress (yes that really is possible!)
purple_heartBalancing the adrenals (to reduce overtiredness & hyperactivity)
purple_heartBringing calm physically (to make bedtimes easier)
purple_heartTeething and tummy trouble (for better sleep and happier Little Ones)
purple_heartHealing emotional difficulties (including past trauma)
purple_heartConnecting to your little one and their emotions (so you know what’s going on…and what to do about it)
purple_heartEasing a busy mind (including twitchy sleepers!)
purple_heartWhy they can’t keep still when they’re asleep

I teach you how to work out why your Little One isn’t sleeping and give you the knowledge and the resources to help them sleep…finally! I also share my failsafe technique to work out exactly WHY a Little One is struggling…no more second guessing!

Until Friday 2nd June, you can get Energy Work for Little Ones reduced from £297 to £197 (or 10 x £19.70)


Upgrade and buy the Advanced Programme as well for a further £100!!! The Advanced Programme is usually priced at £445, so you are getting £742 worth of programmes for £297 (or 10 x £29.70!)

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If you’ve got any questions at all, just drop me a line…I’m happy to answer them <<<HERE>>>

"Jennie works with Mums and Little Ones all over the world, helping them to have more sleep...the natural way, without tears."