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This week I crashed…burnt out. I’ve taken a week off work, as my energy was so low I just didn’t have any more for anyone else. I’ve postponed all 1-2-1 sessions (thank you for being so lovely and understanding) and stepped out of my groups. The minute I’ve slowed down I’ve got a cold, so self care is on the menu…in fact it can’t come off the menu again!

A bit of background…

I’m an introvert…I love people, but too much busyness and too much noise is overwhelming for me

I’m really sensitive…with my own emotions and also picking up on other people’s

I need space to process…especially around the time of the new moon!

I haven’t suffered with anxiety for a very long time…until this week

So what happened…

After having Violet in a leap and poorly at the same time for 5 weeks, then Dexter poorly, work being incredibly busy and half term…I felt overwhelmed

I needed to rest, try and catch up, have some space and some quiet, but instead we had a weekend full of really lovely things…but very busy, overstimulating things

On Saturday was the Winter Fayre at school and then on Saturday we went with friends to see Father Christmas…Father Christmas at a busy garden centre pushed me over the edge

The combination of no space, no quiet and no sleep was too much

The build up of adrenalin and cortisol was too much

I felt really stressed…and thought that if I had a boss I’d probably go off sick for a week

You can’t do that as a mum can you…you can however as your own boss

I’m tired still but I feel like me again…

Just taking some time and some space for me, not rushing about to make sure that everyone is ok (apart from my Little Ones) has made all the difference

We’re always so busy and when we’re sensitive like this, it has to impact in some way

You know who else is like this…our Little Ones!

December is absolutely crazy for our Little Ones…going from one busy environment to another

The excitement starts early on…and is then a rollercoaster for 4 weeks

Throughout December it’s like everything is in HD…brighter lights, louder noises, more to look at, more to struggle with

Then there are the later nights, events to go to, school or nursery activities, family and friend catch ups…so much

You know what’s going to happen…it’s going to affect their sleep!

You’re thinking of lovely family time, time to spend together, rest and catch up…they’re getting more and more overtired, overwired and overstimulated and all of those lovely times you dream of go right out of the window.

I wasn’t going to share this much again, but after this week I know you need it…and you need it now so that you can prevent sleep disappearing up the chimney with Father Christmas!

So, I present to you…Festive Sleep for Frazzled Mums!


This collection of sleep classes and resources will help you with just about any area of sleep resistance you can encounter over the festive season…and it will also support you throughout the rest of the year

Worth over £150, Festive Sleep for Frazzled Mums is priced at £25…but if you buy before the end of November, you get 20% off so pay just £20!!!

No more worrying about how you’ll cope on even less sleep than you are now, this means that you can relax and really enjoy such a special time with your Little One

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"Jennie works with Mums and Little Ones all over the world, helping them to have more sleep...the natural way, without tears."