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It’s been a lovely day today for Violet’s birthday…it’s also been bumpy, there was something deeper going on

The first celebration for Dexter as a big brother where he didn’t get as many presents

We still bought him a little something, and we’ll do the same for Violet…but he still struggled

It would have been easy to just look at this on the surface, but I would have missed so much of what was going on underneath

I’m glad we chilled out at home, because it gave me the opportunity to see what was really going on

He misses me

He misses our bedtime chats (Daddy does Dexter’s bedtime now, while I do Violet’s)

He misses having me to himself in the daytime

He wishes Violet wasn’t here sometimes…and then he feels guilty for it

Today wasn’t just about not having so many presents…it was the anniversary of the day his life changed completely, the day he lost his old life

He loves Violet so much, but he’s still just 6 and his feelings run so deeply

There are times when I feel like I just don’t get it right, I feel torn and not much good to anyone…today wasn’t one of those days

Both Little Ones really needed me at some point today and there were lots of tears, luckily these times didn’t clash and I was able to be there for them both when they needed me

Dexter felt heard…I can’t change the way he feels or make it better, it is the way it is. But to acknowledge his feelings and allow him to feel the way he does, whilst letting him know how important he is will have helped a lot

He went to sleep in about 15 minutes tonight…how long would it have taken had I missed the deeper stuff?

I’m not criticizing anyone who does miss the deeper stuff…it can be hard to work it out, especially when life is busy

So many thing affect out Little Ones busy little minds, and I’ve got so much to share with you to help you understand and help them switch off easier and go to sleep

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