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Testimonials from Sleep Deprived Mums who’ve come out the other side!

“I will never forget watching one of Jennie’s live master classes. I completely found it by accident, I don’t remember looking for it particularly, it just seemed to come up when I was particularly exhausted. Even though it was being viewed by quite a few people I just felt as though Jennie was talking to me. I cried and decided I needed some of that magic. My daughter was nearly 2 when I found Jennie, she was refusing naps, wouldn’t go to sleep without being cuddled and sometimes that would take hours! She would wake around 11pm most nights and would be in my bed where she would refuse to sleep. Olivia is nearly 2.5 now and she still has a daytime nap which is fuss free, she is asleep for 7pm and doesn’t wake until 7am. All of this without tears and tantrums.

I am a new person, I no longer suffer from post natal depression, and I don’t take medication anymore, I have the skills to handle this for myself! I am now confident in my parenting approach, I wasn’t before, I questioned everything I did, was extremely critical of myself, and took what others said to heart, I believed I was doing a terrible job. I now have a whole host of skills to fall back on when we have a wobble or have another obstacle to tackle.
Jennie’s sleep¬†programme changed mine and my daughters life in so many ways. I cannot recommend it enough. Jennie is so supportive and not only that I have made some fantastic friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts xx”


“My little girl was nearly 3 and waking at least 6 times a night when I got in touch with Jennie. Not only that she was angry, really sensitive, wouldn’t eat much at all and was ready for a total meltdown by the time it got to bedtime. We had been to the Doctors, been referred to specialists at the hospital and no one could find anything. I was ready for a breakdown and Jennie really was my last hope, I didn’t know what else to do.

I am so glad that we got in touch, Jennie identified through my little girls sleep patterns what the cause of her sleeplessness was. She pointed us in the right direction, provided us with huge amounts of support and the difference it has made has been unbelievable. We now have regular full nights sleep with the occasional one wake up, which after what we were going through feels like a miracle.

I would highly recommend working with Jennie to anyone who has a child who doesn’t sleep”


“My son has never been a ‘sleeper’- he was up 2-3 times a night, often more. I hadn’t had a block of more than 4 hours sleep in over 2 years.¬†I had always had a feeling that the fact he was 2 months premature and we had to spend the first 2 weeks in hospital (apart at night) was the root cause of our lack of sleep. Talking to Jennie was a breath of fresh air – someone who validated that my gut feeling was real. Jennie helped us both come to terms with the birth and the first 2 weeks which had had such a lasting effect on us.

He now sleeps through from 8pm to 6am which is amazing! I have so much more energy which means we have a lot more fun! We have even come through night weaning. I am so pleased we worked with Jennie – I would thoroughly recommend. “


“My little girl had never slept through and had always been breastfed to sleep with regular night wakings. I started with Jennie Harrison’s Ultimate Toddler Sleep Programme then did some follow up 1-2-1s. The quality and quantity of information is amazing and really helped us make changes which resulted in immediate improvements. As the materials are predominantly video and audio, you can access it in your own time, at your own pace, and as often as you need to.

The level of personal support I’ve received from Jennie has been amazing. My little girl now always starts the night in her own bed and gradually doing longer and longer stretches. Following 1-2-1 support from Jennie and our own personal tailored energy programme, my little girl slept through in her own bed for 10 hours for the first time in her life! I would thoroughly recommend Jennie – all her methods are totally gentle, she ‘gets it’ (she’s been there herself!) and IT WORKS.”