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 Sleep deprivation with a Little One is really really hard

Trying to work out how to get more sleep with a non sleeping Little One is even harder

You just get told that Little Ones will sleep when they want to…but what when they just don’t sleep? 

You get told about safe sleeping…but what when they just don’t sleep?

You get told how much sleep they should be getting, how many naps they should be having…but what when they just don’t sleep? 

You get told about Sleep crutches and how they should go down drowsy but awake…but what when that doesn’t work and they JUST DON’T SLEEP? 

The information out there is conflicting and you don’t feel like you’re getting any of it right…it feels so complicated! 

Cry it Out or Wait it Out seem to be the only options…you definitely don’t want to Cry it Out but you think Waiting it Out might just finish you off

This was me back in 2011 (and 2012 and 2013!) I was on my knees with sleep deprivation, consumed with guilt and feeling like a complete failure because I couldn’t work out WHY my Little One could not sleep. I wasn’t prepared to Cry it Out and there was no way I could Wait it Out…somehow I Worked it Out. 

Since then I have helped a LOT of mums and Little Ones get the sleep they need…with no Crying it Out, in fact no extinction techniques at all

So many Little Ones I see have Sleep issues that started as young babies and have just snowballed, Little Ones just getting more and more overtired…which also means harder to get to sleep! 

These Sleep issues can be prevented with Solid Sleep Foundations…and it’s never too late to implement them

There’s no need to Wait it Out…you can prevent sleep issues from continuing, you can get the sleep you need

Little tweaks can make a BIG difference…and I can show you how! 

My Solid Sleep Foundations Self Study Programme will help you!

In this programme, I share with you what I’ve taught hundreds of Mums…and got them the sleep results that they need

I share the information in mini videos that you can watch or listen to on your phone, tablet or computer…whichever is best to fit into your busy day (and you get lifetime access)

You get easy to implement techniques which are kind to your Little One and stress free for you

You can access this life changing programme for just £50 

You will receive…

⭐️The Truth About Sleep ~ what we’re not told that we need to know and what we’re told that we need to forget

⭐️Nailing Naps ~ How to get good quality naps that your Little One will actually go down for, plus how to deal with tricky transitions

⭐️Creating a Calm Bedtime ~ everything you need to know for a peaceful bedtime that creates a full night sleep

⭐️Working Out Night Wakes ~ what’s causing them and what can you do to put a stop to them

⭐️Preventing Early Wake Ups ~ Your tick list to put a stop to crack of dawn wake ups

⭐️Sleepy Stories ~ how to make the most of Bedtime books, including my calm reading list

⭐️Solid Sleep Foundations Action Plan ~ your step by step guide to helping your Little One to a calmer mind and more sleep

⭐️Solid Sleep Foundations Toolkit ~ everything I use and my clients use to make getting sleep so much easier 

PLUS you get 

⭐️Access to monthly Live Sleep Recovery Sessions, where you ask me and my team your questions…and get the answers you need (they’re recorded in case you miss it, you can catch up later)

I get how you’re feeling, I’ve been there. Dexter used to nap for just 35 minutes each time,  would wake EVERY SINGLE HOUR throughout the night and then start his day at 5am. I was so exhausted I could barely remember my name

No more trying to work this out alone

No more nap resistance

No more bedtime battles

No more unexplained night wakes 

No more getting up with the birds

No uncomfortable extinction techniques

No tears…for you or your Little One

Just practical techniques, support and lots more sleep…and all for just £50 

*This is not about pushing Little Ones to sleep through the night, it is about age appropriate, healthy sleep…the natural way

**All Little Ones are different and improvements in some take longer than others