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It doesn’t matter how well (or not) our Little Ones sleep

It doesn’t matter how much we’ve got their routine sorted

You know that one things that can throw everything off course is a dreaded Sleep Regression

The 4 month and 18 month one are the most well known, but what about the 9 month and 12 month ones?!

You barely have time to recover from one before another one starts!

I work with so many mums whose Little One’s Sleep issues start with a sleep regression

It’s no surprise as there’s such a huge amount going on for them at this time…physically, mentally and emotionally

Their whole world has just turned upside down…and then they’ve got massively overtired

You’re left with a Little One who can’t sleep and won’t sleep…and you just can’t work it out

You get to the end of a Development Leap thinking that the mini naps, multiple night wakes and early starts are a thing of the past…the you’re hit with the ‘regression’

This is the time when you will be told you’ve created a rod for your own back, and that your Little One needs to learn to ‘self settle’


This is the absolute worst thing you can do!

Your Little One is feeling scared and vulnerable…they need to feel safe and that you’re close by, even more than ever right now

There has to be a better way to come through this and get some sleep doesn’t there?!

YES! The answer is here!

For just £25 you get lifetime access to…

My Sleep & Development Leaps Class

4 mini videos including…
Leaps After a Difficult Birth, Leap Mindset for Mums, Repeated Patterns & Looking at Leap Triggers

My easy reference Development Leap Survival Essentials

Plus access to my monthly live Sleep Recovery Sessions where you get to ask me or a member of my team all of your sleep questions

It will help you understand more about how Leaps affect sleep and how you can help your Little One through these tricky stages without entering a full on sleep regression.

You will have natural techniques to navigate tricky development leaps and not only ease the impact of sleep regressions, but prevent them happening in the first place

Get instant access to this amazing package in your own members area for just £25 

Just dip in and out as you need to, download the content as videos or audios to your phone, stick your earphones in and you can  listen whenever you like!