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Sleep Regression Prevention Kit ~ £25

Lovely mum, I see you

I see that you’re depleted

I see that you’re struggling

I see that you’re touched out

I see how exhausted you are

I see that you’re desperately trying to do the very best for your Little One

I see your frustration at not being able to change things for them

I get you…because I have been you and I am you

When you have a Little One with a busy mind, sleep can be a challenge anyway 

Throw in a Development Leap and it can all go out the window

You can think “it’s only a month” but it’s hard and can test all of your reserves

You are pushed to your limits

You are patient but so close to losing your sh!t

You have to remind yourself that your Little One’s world has turned upside down

You have to remind yourself that they are overwhelmed and scared…you are their safe place

It’s understandable that they can’t switch off

It’s understandable find it hard to stay asleep

It’s understandable that they need to be touching you every single second of every day

But it’s hard, so hard

What if I could help you make it easier?

What if I could help you to prepare, lesson the blow and recover without a full on sleep regression?

Too good to be true?


My Sleep Regression Prevention Kit can do all of this…and for just £25!

For £25 you get lifetime access to…

My Sleep & Development Leaps Class

4 mini videos including…

Leaps After a Difficult Birth, Leap Mindset for Mums, Repeated Patterns & Looking at Leap Triggers

Plus my easy reference Development Leap Survival Essentials

It will help you understand more about how Leaps affect sleep and how you can help your Little One through these tricky stages without entering a full on sleep regression

Get instant access to this amazing package in your own members area for just £25

Just dip in and out as you need to, download the content as videos or audios to your phone, stick your earphones in and you can  listen whenever you like!