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Dexter’s now on school holiday and I’d worried a little about how it would be having him at home with me getting Violet to sleep three times with no one else there. Since we had that really hot weather a couple of weeks ago, it’s been taking longer and longer to get her down for her afternoon nap and for bedtimes…and now she’s hit Leap 8, it can be a real struggle. He’ll always occupy himself with lego or watching a bit of tv or listening to an audio book, but I don’t want to leave him for long.

I’d fallen into a trap with Violet and was making the same mistake that I’ve talked about time and time again…I had to change it!

What I was doing was not keeping my thoughts in check whilst getting Violet to sleep. She’s got such a busy mind, and I was doing all of the right things to help her mind slow down so that she could switch off…but I wasn’t doing the same for me. I was then sitting there with her, feeding her to sleep…with my head non stop about all the things I had to do next.

You might wonder what impact my thoughts would have on Violet sleeping, but it’s important to remember that if my mind is racing, I’m not relaxing completely…and Violet will pick up on that.

So for the last two days I’ve really focussed on clearing my mind of absolutely everything else whilst getting Violet to sleep. All I have allowed in my mind is for her to feel calm and safe and to go to sleep. When she was really little, I used to hum All You Need Is Love by The Beatles whilst getting her to sleep, so I’ve done this again and on each hum, focussed on a word…calm, safe, sleep. I visualised the words moving through my body, creating calm and a feeling of safety. The difference was unbelievable…instead of taking an hour to go to sleep, she took 20 minutes! It was the same at bedtime and again today!

It’s amazing how many little techniques there are like this that are so simple, that make a massive difference to our Little One’s sleep! I absolutely loads more in my Busy Little Minds Programme, which starts on Monday 30th October. The techniques in this programme have changed so many people’s lives (and bedtimes!) Find out more <<<HERE>>> 

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