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These Sleep Products are stand alone programmes that give you lots of information and techniques to work through at your own pace.


Comprising of videos, audios and PDFs, they are hosted in an online members area that you have lifetime access to, and are designed to fit into your busy life.


You also get access to a monthly live Sleep Recovery Session with me or a member of my team, where you can ask us all of your sleep questions

This programme is for you if you have a Little One who just can’t switch off, who never stops and will someday change the world…if they can actually get some sleep!

Filled with natural techniques and tools and lots of understanding, your busy little mind will be switching off and getting more sleep before you know it.

This is for you if you want to get the sleep basics right, without using any uncomfortable parenting techniques.

Filled with understanding and natural techniques, this will give your Little One Solid Sleep Foundations, with everything from naps to bedtimes, from multiple night wakes to early wakers.

This is for you if your Little One is affected by Developmental Stages or Sleep Regressions…or maybe they already have.

Lots of natural techniques to support them emotionally, whilst reducing the overtiredness