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Massive Sleep Club Closing Down Sale!

15 Sleep Classes worth £300 for just £50 PLUS 6 extra mini videos FREE

Only available until Friday 13th April when they will be discontinued forever!

You’re exhausted…completely depleted

You’ve been sleep deprived forever…it feels like it anyway

Time to sort out your Little One’s sleep!

I know it’s hard and I know you’re struggling…I can help you!

I’ve been there and I get how it feels to be stuck in that sleep deprived hole

I came through it and so can you!

This week I closed my Sleep Deprived Mum’s Club and am discontinuing all of my Sleep Classes…but I couldn’t let them go without making them available to you!

The information in these classes got me through some of my darkest days and have helped hundreds and hundreds of Mums and Little Ones get the sleep they need…without any tears

Don’t worry about time, you’ve got lifetime access in your own personal online member’s area…just dip in and out when you get a minute

  • My #1 Secret to Working Out Why Your Little One Isn’t Sleeping (and what you can do about it) ~ This class will help you really get it right, sharing how to work it out AND what to do so they actually sleep!
  • Dealing with Separation Anxiety ~ Let me help you to help your Little One feel safer and more secure, using gentle, practical techniques
  • Managing Bed Moves ~ Have you loved co sleeping but now it’s time to make the move? Perhaps your Little One is ready to move into a big bed or just move from your room. This class helps you prepare them (and you) so that the move goes as smoothly as possible…and they keep on sleeping
  • Nailing Naps & Nap Transitions ~ everything you need to know for successful naps (which mean better night time sleep) and how to handle the dreaded dropping of naps…which can make or break night time sleep!
  • Dealing with Overtired Meltdowns ~ you’re overtired and they’re overtired. It feels like you’re dealing with tantrum after tantrum…and not very well. This class shares all you need to know to prevent and diffuse those overtired meltdowns
  • Moving House & Holidays ~ A new environment can completely throw a Little One…and their sleep. Find out what you can do to prepare so that your dream holiday doesn’t turn into a sleep deprived nightmare!
  • Sleep & Development Leaps ~ Our Little Ones learn so much in the first few years of life and huge influx in information can really affect sleep. Find out how to prepare for a survive even the toughest development leaps and sleep regressions.
  • The Perfect Bedtime ~ so they go straight to sleep & stay asleep…all night ~ to give all of the techniques you need to make bedtime a really enjoyable time of the day, which results in you getting your evenings back and a full night sleep!
  • Dealing with the CIO Brigade ~ when you’re exhausted you need people on your side. This class shares how to get the most die hard extinction technique advocates to give you the support you need
  • Preventing Early Wake Ups ~ all you need to know about the cause of early wake ups and the solution!
  • Survival Tips for Sleep Deprived Mums ~ Sometimes you have to hold on tight to just make it through a tough sleep patch. This class shares some amazing ways to support yourself so that you don’t go under
  • Releasing Little Ones Big Emotions ~ Our Little Ones have so many big emotions going on, and unless they release them during the day, it will happen at night. This class shows you how
  • Sleep Techniques for Busy Minds ~ Get even the busiest of minds to fall asleep quicker with this class!
  • The Perfect Routine for a Good Night Sleep ~ How to juggle, plan and work your routine to suit you and your Little one (whilst reducing overtiredness)
  • Helping Little Ones with Difficult Birth Memories ~ a difficult birth can have a massive impact on a Little One’s sleep. This shares some gentle ways to help release those difficult emotions

PLUS 6 Mini Videos on…

  • Alternatives to Sleep Crutches
  • My Take on Bedtime with Two
  • When They Can’t Sleep in Their Own Room
  • Early Wake Ups
  • Other People Doing a Successful Bedtime
  • Nap Transitions

This massive bundle is worth over £300 and is yours for life, for just £50!!!

These are resources that will help you time and again, whatever the sleep blip!

Remember though, they’re only available until Friday 13th April so get your immediate access now!

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