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You may know that I made a big decision recently, to close my Sleep Deprived Mum’s Club…along with making some changes to the way I work.

So many people have got in touch concerned that my work with sleep is disappearing…who will provide the support, information and understanding that I do?! Am I giving up on sleep?!

I guess in the busyness of everything, I haven’t explained myself very well! So…

I’m not going anywhere…there’s no way I would stop helping you Sleep Deprived mums in some way!

I AM still doing 1-2-1 workindividual sessions and longer term, more in-depth work at the moment, with a view to possibly reducing the individual sessions in the future

I AM still doing Birth Healing work as this is where the majority of Little Ones are affected, and not just with their sleep…it affects EVERYTHING

I AM still running an online Club, it’s just that my Intuitive Parenting Academy focuses on ALL aspects of parenting and giving mums lots more support (which will also benefit sleep).

I AM working with mums to help them heal, process and release all of the stuff they’ve held onto for years AND have a greater understanding of their Little Ones

The way that I am working is in response to the needs of the little ones I work with…sleep struggles are very often a symptom of something deeper, with so many more being affected by emotional and energetic triggers

Our Little Ones need understanding on a deeper level…they also benefit massively from us understanding ourselves better, which is something I can help with. I’m running one last FREE class tomorrow which you are more than welcome to join if you’d like to know What You NEED to Know About the First 7 Years 

So, for now I’m not running classes or my club, but if you want to look a little deeper at what’s going on for your Little One, and support them more on an emotional and energetic level, you are going to love what I have coming up!

I’d love you to join me on my Facebook Page and you can receive my newsletters here

Love Jennie 

PS. All of the above help with sleep!!

"Jennie works with Mums and Little Ones all over the world, helping them to have more sleep...the natural way, without tears."