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It’s funny isn’t it that before our Little Ones arrive, we have no idea who they will be. We don’t know what they will look like or what their personality will be like. I didn’t think my child would be like this!

I had no idea that my child would have curly red hair...I thought he would be blonde! Then when we’d had one child with curly red hair, we thought we’d have another…and she’s blonde!

I knew they’d both have a chance of being quite stubborn, as both me and Danny are. And that they’d be quite quick minded, as we are too…however, I never expected that having a bright and busy Little One would have such a massive impact on sleep!

I don’t know why I didn’t expect it, I’d always struggled to sleep so there was always a chance. I guess I just expected to know what to do, how to help…some magic powers would just appear with this inner knowing.

Well, the magic powers did not appear and I was way too sleep deprived to tap into my inner knowing…at first anyway. I had baby books but they were clearly not written about my Little One, as the focus was all on shushing and patting and drowsy but awake! These techniques do not work with a Little One with a busy mind! There were so many things affecting Dexter’s Sleep (everything) but the one thing that has stayed is his busy mind…and Violet is the same.

Luckily I’ve worked out how to handle their busy Little Minds…Dexter taught me so much and I’ve learnt loads from the Little Ones I’ve worked with over the last 5 years.

I no longer struggle to work out what’s affecting them mentally!

I’m no longer stuck with how to help my Little Ones switch off and go to sleep!

The same techniques that I use have helped hundreds of mums and Little Ones get more sleep

I share these techniques along with the knowledge and understanding that you need to help your Little One sleep, in my brand new Busy Little Minds Programme!

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"Jennie works with Mums and Little Ones all over the world, helping them to have more sleep...the natural way, without tears."