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Festive Sleep for Frazzled Mums

Lifetime access to 10 amazing resources worth £150 for just £25!

Imagine your perfect Christmas with your Little One…quality family time, quiet anticipation of the happy times to come, special times opening gifts and eating nice food. The reality can be far from idyllic!

Even the best sleepers can struggle to sleep at Christmas with the amount going on and all of the excitement…

With a Little One who struggles to sleep you know that by Christmas you’re going to be dealing with:~

* A Little One who fights every single nap

* Stressed out Christmas dinner time with overtired Little Ones

* Multiple wake ups all the way through your Christmas holiday

* Little Ones ready to start the day way before Father Christmas has made an appearance

* Intense bedtime battles every single night

* Stressed out Mum, stressed out Dad and arguments for the whole family I know it fills you with dread!

All of the lovely times you have pictured, it’s completely the opposite…this is the last thing you need on how depleted you’ve been already!

Well don’t worry because I can get you to your perfect family Christmas without breaking into your Christmas present money! I’ve brought 7 of my top sleep classes together, covering everything you need so that you have a sleepy little Christmas


  • The Perfect Bedtime – so they go straight to sleep & stay asleep
  • Preventing Early Wake Ups – all you need to know so that you can get your Christmas lie in
  • Dealing with Overtired Meltdowns – how to prevent and diffuse mega meltdowns, so that you can enjoy your family time
  • 5 Simple Steps to a Silent Night – my top tips to get you through the festive period without sleep going completely out of the window
  • Nailing Naps & Nap Transitions – everything you need to know for successful naps (which mean better night time sleep) and how to handle the dreaded dropping of naps…which can make or break night time sleep!
  • Calm Parenting for Spirited Little Ones – highly sensitive, high energy, intense…these are the Little Ones more prone to overwhelm at every time of year. This class gives you loads of tips on how to help them
  • Survival Tips for Sleep Deprived Mums – all you need to keep you going when you feel like pulling the covers over your head for a week!

Plus my Festive Sleep Survival Checklist – my secret resources to give sleepless nights the heave ho Ho Ho, an mini video on How to Calm a Busy Mind AND the 5 Step Plan to Avoid Christmas Overwhelm from Helen Lees, Children’s Anxiety Coach

Not only that…you get access to my Live Christmas Sleep Clinic on Thursday 14th December…you get your sleep questions answered live on the call!

You’ve got a month before Christmas…you can have the lovely family time you’ve dreamed of!

This amazing package of 7 pre recorded classes plus extras is

worth over £150 but for you, as it’s Christmas I have put this together for just £25! 

You don’t just have access to these resources over Christmas, these are yours to keep…forever!

My Christmas present to you ~ sleep all year round!

I wasn’t going to make this available again, but I know how much you need them…and how much they can help!