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I know you’re exhausted

I know you’re struggling with severe lack of sleep

I know your Little One just can’t switch off

I know that your Little One just never ever stops

They struggle to go to sleep

They wake up ridiculously early with way too much energy

You love how bright they are, but know that they (and you) need more rest…it’s just not good for anyone being so sleep deprived!

I know because this is me. But I have the tools to help. And I want to teach them to you

You’ve told me you need support that is easily affordable and won’t zap your time

My Busy Little Minds Self Study Programme is exactly what you need!

This programme gives you all you need to know about how to help your Little One switch off, slow down and actually get some sleep!

I share the information in mini videos that you can watch or listen to on your phone, tablet or computer…whichever is best to fit into your busy day

You get easy to implement techniques which are kind to your Little One and stress free for you

This Self Study Programme is priced at just £50

You get lifetime access to a combination of mini videos and PDFs on…

⭐️ Bright & Busy Minds ~ what’s going on and how can you help them

⭐️ Overstimulation ~ what causes it and how can you prevent it

⭐️ Learning & Memory ~ what are they remembering and how can you help them process it

⭐️ Working Out Sleep Resistance Triggers ~ what else is affecting them and how can you help

⭐️ Talking Down The Day ~ information overload technique

⭐️ Activities to Quieten a Busy Mind ~ simple activities to help calm the busiest of minds

⭐️ Busy Little Minds Action Plan ~ your step by step guide to helping your Little One to a calmer mind and more sleep

⭐️ Access to my monthly live Sleep Recovery Sessions, where you get to ask me or one of my team, your sleep questions

I have two Little Ones with busy minds…I get it. Most of the Little Ones I work with are the same…and over the last 5 years my techniques have helped hundreds and hundreds of Little Ones switch their busy minds off and get more sleep!

No  more struggling to work out how to help your Little One

No more bedtime battles

No more frustration (well nowhere near as much!)

No tears, no guilt

Just easy to access information

Easy to implement techniques

Calmer Little One, calmer you, calmer sleep…and lots more of it!

Such a lot of support and information for just  £50