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The surprising pattern that affects sleep

The Surprising Pattern That Affects Sleep

We’ve hit the storm cloud in Leap 6, so I’m trying to fit my work into two 45 minute naps a day…it’s a challenge! There’s also some separation anxiety that has been affecting evening sleep, but I really can’t complain (not when I think how it was with Dexter during these times!)

I know that the primary trigger for Dexter’s sleep resistance was his traumatic birth and although Violet’s birth was much more peaceful, the pregnancy (particularly evenings) was quite stressful, and we were separated briefly after she was born (and I was being stitched), which is why she doesn’t want me to leave her in the evening.

We’re now in the final week of my first group on my <<<Birth Healing Together programme>>>, and the journey they have taken has been unbelievable. There were elements that they were aware had impacted them and their Little Ones, which is why they joined in the first place…but one particular module took a lot of them by surprise, especially when they saw such distinct patterns. Find out more about it below

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I left my baby to cry

Yesterday I left my baby to cry…

It’s not what you think…I had an appointment which was at a rubbish time of day and was 40 minutes away from home. I’d cancelled once and rearranged another time, so I really couldn’t miss it. The journey there was fine; Violet amused herself and then fell asleep 20 minutes before we arrived.

During the appointment she sat for nearly an hour, chatting away, playing and exploring. She had something to eat before we left to drive home and then fell asleep again not long into the journey. We were nearly at my friend’s house, where Dexter was, when she woke up. She seemed a bit grizzly but I just put it down to being completely out of routine, as it was 5.30 and we were normally heading upstairs for her bedtime routine by now. We got Dexter and set off home and that’s when she started getting really upset.

It was rush hour, so with the roads being busy I took a short cut down the lanes…15 minutes max. Normally when Violet’s upset in the car, she quietens down as soon as the car gets going…but she didn’t, she got more and more upset. There was nowhere for me to pull over, I just needed to get home and get both tired and hungry Little Ones inside for a quick dinner and bed. (more…)

Nothing left to give?

I’m recovering from half term! Dexter went back to school on Tuesday and although I miss having him around (and Violet’s nap routine has gone out of the window), it is nice to have a bit more balance…and some silence! I really love school holidays and having extra time with Dexter, but from an energy perspective, they do take up a lot.

Being a mum is a balancing act and when you’re sleep deprived, the balance can tip so easily. I’d had Violet unsettled in the evenings because her tummy was adjusting to solid food, Dexter wanting nearly every second in the day, play dates, family get togethers and meals, 3 lots of furniture to put together including Dexter’s new cabin bed, nearly 700 mums in Facebook groups and 14000 on my page in a really intense week energy wise. I could feel my reserves waning!

The straw that broke the camel’s back was an emergency on Tuesday which completely drained me of any energy I had left…it knocked me for six! I had a lot of people depending on me and I knew that one step further and I could crash, I had nothing left to give. Here’s how I prevented an almighty crash…

Find out more about the life changing Energy Work for Little Ones programme <<<HERE>>>

She Thought It Was Ridiculous…But Now It’s Changed Her Life

She Thought It Was Ridiculous…But Now It’s Changed Her Life

Cicely* came to me last year for help with her 2-year-old daughter, Kitty’s* sleep and ended up taking a place on my Ultimate Toddler Sleep Programme. Cicely was completely worn out from Kitty’s multiple night wakings and breastfeeding back to sleep.

Cicely is, and always was, a wonderful mummy to her Little One, but, day-to-day, things weren’t as she’d always imagined they would be when she became a parent. ”I wanted my days off with Kitty to be idyllic and lovely but in reality, I was just too tired,” Cicely admits.

“Often it was a stressful battle to get her to sleep. I dreaded bedtimes. Weekends were easier as we didn’t have to do anything but when we did I often felt it went wrong. I was permanently exhausted. The night time feeds/wakes were so draining that I had no energy during the day.” (more…)

From Chaos to Calm

From Chaos to Calm: How One Mum Used Energy Work to Transform Her Life

Mums of non-sleeping Little Ones: do you ever feel like you’re on a treadmill? Constantly working hard, trying to get it right? Are you trapped by naps? Touched out and snappy?

And you and your partner…do you sometimes feel like it would all be easier to deal with if you just called it a day and separated?

That’s exactly how Sarah, mum to Isaac, felt when she came to me over a year ago for help with Isaac’s sleep.

“I didn’t want to be the person I was”

Isaac was under 1 year old when Sarah first joined my Sleep Deprived Mum’s Club. Working in a high-pressure position as a specialist nurse within intensive care and supporting families through end-of-life care and bereavement, alongside practicing attachment parenting was wearing Sarah down. “I was very happy with attachment parenting Isaac,” Sarah said, “but in the process I was being drained.” (more…)

The Unexpected Way Recording YOUR Dreams Could Help Your Little One Sleep!

The Unexpected Way Recording YOUR Dreams Could Help Your Little One Sleep! ~ Guest Blog from Carly Brown, The Dream Decoder

If you have been following Jennie Harrison for a while you will know that she teaches us that our Little Ones are incredibly sensitive and pick up on everything, especially things we, as mums, are personally going through. Not only can this show up in the way they behave around us it can also massively impact their sleep.

So what have the dreams mums have at night got to do with any of that?!  (more…)

The sceptical sleep technique that really works

Goodness me last week was tough…I started to really doubt myself, thought I was never going to see light at the end of the tunnel and was beginning to climb the walls. I hadn’t had an hour to myself, all naps were back on me and Violet wouldn’t even go in the crib for longer than a sleep cycle in the evening…I just needed some space to breathe, a good cry and someone to talk some sense into me.

On Tuesday evening I confided in my friends about how I was feeling…I was just stretched to the limit and couldn’t see how I could make anything better. I got a hug/kick up the bum combination and shifted my focus…I thought I’d tried everything, but there was one technique left to try (and it should have been my first choice because it ALWAYS  makes a difference)  (more…)

Why us Mums need to hide right now

Why us Mums need to hide right now!

So many mums I know are feeling completely touched out right now…really wanting to retreat, hide or run for the hills! Things can be so difficult for our Little Ones with everything they go through and have to process…Development Leaps, teething, gut issues, their birth, big emotional changes…but although we are there and will always be there for them, it can still be really hard at times to give so much when we’ve got no space for ourselves.

I recorded a video in my pyjamas for my Facebook Page last night (so much effort to get out of them once I was in!) to explain a bit more about why we’re feeling even more touched out than usual…plus what you can do about it x

7 Signs You’re Dealing With A Development Leap

7 Signs You’re Dealing With A Development Leap

We’re in the last week of Leap 5 and can really see some light at the end of the tunnel! Naps have been longer and we’re getting longer stretches of sleep at night; evenings are still bumpy with me camped out in the bedroom for most of it…but not for much longer, and if it’s helped Violet know that she’s safe and we get more sleep at night!

The Wonder Weeks has been a life saver, being able to prepare and understand what’s going on…but what do you do when you get past 18 months?! You do know that Leaps continue all the way through childhood don’t you! So here are 7 signs that you are in fact dealing with a development leap. (more…)

5 Easy Ways to Get More Sleep in 2017

When you are sleep deprived it can be easy to get stuck, unable to move forward or work out where you’re going wrong (which you’re not, it just feels like that) So as we are into a new year, here are 5 easy ways that you can get more sleep in 2017!

Stop watching the clock ~ Not completely, there needs to be some structure, especially if you have other commitments such as work etc. and it’s important to have balance. Very often we have a routine based on time that works, but Little Ones needs change all the time, so what has worked for a while can stop working. Leaps, illness, growth spurts can all be tiring, so sleep times may need to come forward. Little Ones start to be able to go longer between sleeps too. If we’re just watching the clock then both naps and night time sleep can start to become difficult. Connect with your Little One, watch their cues and early tired signs. (more…)