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The Blissful Baby Sleep & Ultimate Toddler Sleep Programmes


Do you have a Little One who just won’t sleep?


Have you tried everything & nothing works?

Are you on your knees with sleep deprivation?

Are you being told that Cry it Out is the only way…but you want a more gentle solution?

The original (all gentle, all natural) Sleep Programmes available as self study for just £99!

Blissful Baby Sleep Programme

Babies don’t sleep through, they’re not made to sleep through…but some babies really struggle with sleep and we are led to believe that your only options are Wait it Out or Cry it Out. This is not true! There are lots of ways to support babies so they get better sleep, that can prevent sleep issues developing and hanging around until the toddler years

The Blissful Baby Sleep Self Study Programme will give you the information, along with tools and gentle techniques to Work it Out…why your baby wakes every hour, fights every nap and wakes with the birds…and help them get the best age appropriate sleep possible, whilst deepening your understanding of what’s going on for them.

You do not need to struggle through this precious first year of your Little One’s life, unable to fully appreciate it because you’re on your knees with sleep deprivation…help is here

The Blissful Baby Sleep programme is for you if…

  • You have a baby up to 12 months
  • You want to support them in getting healthy sleep
  • You have a gentle, child centred approach
  • You want to understand about their needs
  • You have realistic sleep expectations
  • You don’t want to Cry it Out or Wait it Out

The Blissful Baby Sleep Programme is not for you if…

  • You believe babies need to just be ‘taught’ to sleep
  • You want a short cut to get a full night sleep
  • You believe in Cry it Out or Controlled Crying
  • You want a magic solution to your baby’s sleep
  • You don’t believe babies have emotional needs
  • You just want to stop them waking up
Ultimate Toddler Sleep Programme

Having a baby that wakes more than they sleep is hard, but once you’ve gone past the 1 (or 2) year mark, it just gets harder. Not only are you surrounded by mums with sleeping toddlers (and babies), your Little One is now so overtired their sleep resistance is just getting worse!

Apparently if you just Wait it Out, they’ll sleep when they’re 5?! You don’t want to leave your toddler to cry, they’re still a baby…but what else can you do?! There is always a reason why a Little One isn’t sleeping AND a gentle way to help them get much better sleep. The Ultimate Toddler Sleep Self Study Programme helps you to understand WHY your toddler STILL isn’t sleeping and HOW you can all start getting much better sleep!

You don’t need to compromise your gentle approach with your toddler…you can have sleep, your sanity and your life back and still cuddle your toddler to sleep. There is NEVER any need for Cry it Out

The Ultimate Toddler Sleep Programme is for you if…

  • You have a Little One age 1-3 years
  • Your Little One still isn’t sleeping well at all
  • You want to support them, not leave them to cry
  • You are prepared to put in the work to help them
  • You understand that there is something stopping them sleeping
  • You just want to get better sleep…for all the family

The Ultimate Toddler Sleep Programme is not for you if…

  • You want a magic wand to get your toddler sleeping through
  • You advocate Cry it Out or Controlled Crying
  • You think your toddler is just playing you
  • You don’t think your toddler needs you
  • You want someone else to do the work for you
  • You think an ‘old fashioned’ approach is needed

These programmes have changed so many lives, helping mums to understand WHY their Little Ones aren’t sleeping and giving them the tools and techniques to reduce night wakes, prevent nap and bedtime resistance and stop early wake ups.

There is no more second guessing yourself, no more feeling guilty for wishing things were different, no more feeling like a failure for not being able to work it out (I get it, I felt all of these things when my first Little One just could not sleep)

I share my personal experience as well as my experience helping hundreds and hundreds of mums and Little Ones just like you.

No sleep training

No telling you where they should be sleeping

No telling you you’re doing everything wrong No tears…for you or your Little One 

 Just easy to digest information in bite size chunks, to fit into your busy life, with easy to implement techniques…that work!

“Jennie I’d just like to say a massive thank you for everything you’ve done for my family over the past couple of months. Isaac has slept through for the past 3-4 weeks now! I have found the elusive 7-7 and it’s all down to you. He goes down for his nap and for bed beautifully, with no problems at all. And this has been during a leap and now 4 teeth coming through! The odd night he has woken up he comes into our bed and he’s straight to sleep again. So I really can’t thank you enough for teaching me all you have, I feel so much calmer and like I actually know what to do now” ~ Vicky 

“I only wish I had know about Jennie 2 years ago as I feel It would have saved my little one and myself a lot of angry, tired and upset times because it’s simply a case of ” if I knew then what I know now”. Jennie not only helped me work out my little one had a food intolerance but how to get back control of my life as a mum. I know that if I ever had another baby I would start Jennie’s programme from birth to ensure I have a calmer upbringing for my newborn not 2 years too late. Thankfully we are getting sorted now can’t thank Jennie enough” ~ Gina

And all for just £99!! 

two_heartsBlissful Baby & Ultimate Toddler Sleep Programmes ~ what do you get?! two_hearts

Module 1 ~ Calm Mum, Calm Little One, Calm Sleep
two_heartsHow to have a positive impact on your Little One’s sleep
two_heartsStress relief and self care for Mums
two_heartsHow to get support whilst we focus on creating an oasis of calm around you!

Module 2 ~ The Foundations of Sleep
two_heartsWhat is stopping your Little One from sleeping
two_heartsHow to nail naps and nap transitions
two_heartsHow to make bedtime an easy, enjoyable time of day

Module 3 ~ Physical Sleep Resistance Triggers
two_heartsWhat you can do to prevent the multiple wake ups
two_heartsHow to reduce overtiredness
two_heartsHow to spot a gut issue and how to stop it from affecting sleep

As a supported programme, the Blissful Baby Sleep Programme was priced at £450.

As a self study programme, you can access it for just £99!

Click below to buy and get instant, lifetime access 

Module 4 ~ Mental Sleep Resistance Triggers
two_heartsHow to calm the busiest of minds and help them switch off…and go to sleep
two_heartsHow to prevent overwhelm…for you and them
two_heartsHow to manage Development Leaps so they don’t completely screw sleep up

Module 5 ~ Emotional Sleep Resistance Triggers
two_heartsHow to prevent the daily overtired meltdowns (for you and them!)
two_heartsHow to handle nightmares and other fears
two_heartsHow to deal with difficult birth memories (for both of you)

Module 6 ~ External Sleep Resistance Triggers
two_heartsHow their daily environment is impacting their sleep
two_heartsHow to create a calm environment for your Little One
two_heartsMy secret tips of the trade!

Plus you get 2 months in my Sleep Deprived Mum’s Club ABSOLUTELY FREE!

As a supported programme, the Ultimate Toddler Sleep Programme was priced at £450.

As a self study programme, you can access it for just £99!

Click below to buy and get instant, lifetime access