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We are in Leap 7! Touch wood it doesn’t feel too bad at the moment, and we’ve also come through the other side of the nap transition (which created a bit of overtiredness, as they do). So, naps are finally getting back to being a bit longer and bedtime is a relatively calm experience…it could all change quite quickly though couldn’t it, especially as her two top teeth are having a push and bringing a snotty nose with them!

That’s the thing with babies and sleep…it can change so much, because their world is changing so much. People often say that I must have a baby who sleeps through, because of what I do. The reality is that at times, despite me being a sleep coach, my baby doesn’t sleep! Violet is 9 months old now and she doesn’t sleep for 12 hours a night…well she does, but she also wakes up during that time. In the evening she will wake once or twice with an uncomfortable tummy, as she’s still getting used to food or just to know that I’m there…because this is the period where separation anxiety is at its peak. She has a feed late evening and then comes in with me for the rest of the night. Once she’s in with me, she’ll sleep until 5.30 when she has a feed and back to sleep for an hour. Naps since Leap 6 have been sporadic and the nap transition from 2 to 3 created some serious overtiredness, which meant jolting awake after each sleep cycle.

The thing is that it does get better…because I understand why she struggles sometimes and I also know how to deal with those struggles. It is when we don’t understand what’s going on and we don’t deal with the cause of the sleep resistance, that it can become a sleep issue…and snowball so that you’re both getting virtually no sleep at all.

Would you believe that it’s lack of understanding and knowledge at this stage that can lead to a seriously overtired toddler who just won’t sleep? The answer is not Cry it Out, nor it is Wait it Out…it is Work it Out!

Working it Out can be tough when you’re in the thick of it (and are seriously exhausted) which is why I originally put my Blissful Baby Sleep Programme together. It shares all of the information you need to know about WHY your baby isn’t sleeping AND all of the gentle techniques you need so that their sleep resistance doesn’t turn into a massive issue.

It’s my birthday this week, so to celebrate I’ve made my Blissful Baby Sleep programme available for just £25 instead of £99…but only until 10pm tomorrow!

This is how it’s helped other mums…

“The Blissful Baby Sleep Programme helped me out of a world of self doubt & confusion; it helped me understand my baby & all the possible reasons he wasn’t sleeping, rather than second guessing, googling & generally thinking he hated me! I think it’s helped made me a calmer & more patient mummy x”

“I now have a blissful baby thanks to this programme! I decided to do this before my baby was born so that I didn’t cause any issues like the ones I had with my toddler, my baby is now 5 months and she’s so laid back and happy and sleeps perfectly from 6:30pm to 6:30am with only a quick dream feed or two, (I never even had the 4 month sleep regression!) I love the fact I have such a settled baby and I owe it all to Jennie’s knowledge and putting her gentle and baby-loving advice and support into practice x”

Find out more about it <<<HERE>>>

Remember it is only available at this price until tomorrow evening, then it goes straight back up to £99!

"Jennie works with Mums and Little Ones all over the world, helping them to have more sleep...the natural way, without tears."