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shutterstock_169012985I’ve been asked a lot recently about how I work out exactly why a Little One isn’t sleeping. It can feel so hard to work out when you’re exhausted and the thing is, that without the reason why, it’s so much harder to help your Little One sleep (because you just end up trying to fix behaviour) So I’ve written a 7 step guide for you on working out why your toddler isn’t sleeping.

1. Keep a diary ~ I know that the last thing you feel like doing is writing down everything about your Little One’s day and their barely have time to eat or go to the toilet, when on earth will you find time to do that?! The thing is, if you are going to find out why your Little One isn’t sleeping you need to be able to identify patterns. Patterns give you reasons why and reasons why give you sleep! There is no way that you are going to remember everything about your Little One’s sleep if you can’t even remember your own name! You need to keep a record, either in an app or write it down…make it easy for yourself and use a way that you will be able to follow. If writing it easier for you, I’ve got a free sleep diary that you can download <<<HERE>>>

2. Physical Triggers ~ what’s happened physically for your Little One? Have they had enough exercise? Are they teething or poorly? Are they going through a growth spurt or seeming more hungry? All of these things can have an impact on sleep

3. Mental Triggers ~ what’s going on mentally for your Little One! Has your Little One got a particularly busy mind? Do they find it difficult to switch off? Are there some days when they have more mental stimulation than others? Are they going through a period of intense development? It can be so hard for Little Ones to go to sleep and stay asleep when their minds are so busy

4. Emotional Triggers ~ what’s going on for them emotionally? What’s happen for them during the day? Has something upset them at any time? Are they going through big changes? We often underestimate the impact of every day events on our Little Ones…and that’s without thinking about the big stuff!

5. External Triggers ~ what’s going on around your Little One? What’s the atmosphere been like where they’ve spent their time? Do you notice a difference between calm environments and places like soft play? How are you feeling? It’s amazing how much of this stuff hangs around our Little Ones, impacting their own emotions and ultimately their sleep

6. Review ~ what patterns do you notice? Are there nights that are worse than others? What has happened on those days? Are there days when naps are harder…are the nights harder too? How long has the issue been going on? What triggers may have caused it? Your answers are here! Once you have your reasons why, it’s so much easier to help your Little One in a gentle way. If you can’t get to the bottom of things, get a second opinion…someone who is going to get your approach and your parenting style

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