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When you are sleep deprived it can be easy to get stuck, unable to move forward or work out where you’re going wrong (which you’re not, it just feels like that) So as we are into a new year, here are 5 easy ways that you can get more sleep in 2017!

Stop watching the clock ~ Not completely, there needs to be some structure, especially if you have other commitments such as work etc. and it’s important to have balance. Very often we have a routine based on time that works, but Little Ones needs change all the time, so what has worked for a while can stop working. Leaps, illness, growth spurts can all be tiring, so sleep times may need to come forward. Little Ones start to be able to go longer between sleeps too. If we’re just watching the clock then both naps and night time sleep can start to become difficult. Connect with your Little One, watch their cues and early tired signs.

Stop listening to what you should be doing ~ With Dexter I had a book that told me everything that babies needed each week of the first year. In some ways I needed that book, as a new mum it helped me understand what babies need. It also made out like all babies were the same…at this age your baby will have this many sleeps for this length of time. So when Dexter was only sleeping for 35 minutes for his 3 naps a day, he was getting really overtired.
Another book told me which order to do things in…eat, activity, sleep, you time. This was all very well and worked sometimes but what when he was hungry at another time or went into a leap and was tired quicker? The focus was on helping babies fall asleep independently of feeding…because apparently you shouldn’t do that. Rubbish! By all means use guidelines…but just as that. Health visitors told me not to cuddle to sleep…absolute rubbish! Connect with your Little One to feel way is best for the two of you

Don’t compare yourself or your Little One to others ~ It’s hard when you have people around you with Little Ones the same age (or even younger) who are sleeping but it’s so important to remember that everyone is different. We all have a weak point, some of us struggle to sleep when things are difficult, others don’t eat or have confidence issues. Plus there are so many elements that factor in sleep for Little Ones…remember what is going on for your Little One, such as leaps, teething, illness, changes. If all else fails, pull the genius card…people with higher intelligence find it harder to sleep!

Create some space ~ Space in your head so that you have time to process and don’t feel like you’re going round the bend. Space for your Little One to process everything that they’re learning, so that they can switch off better at night. Space in your home so that the energy doesn’t pile in on top of all of you. Space in your routine…you don’t need all of the activities, all of the stimulation, all of the clubs and classes. You are enough for your Little One. Space for yourself as you can’t keep on giving without it…you will go mad!

Focus on what you CAN do ~ It’s so easy to get stuck in what you can’t change, what you’ve tried that hasn’t worked, what you’ve failed at. It makes us feel helpless though…and you’re anything but a failure! Think about what you can do…what’s left to work on? Work your way through the sleep triggers, if you’re dealing with it and doing as much as you can, let it go and focus on the next thing. For example if you know your Little One is in a development leap and you’re doing all you can to minimise the impact on sleep, leave that and concentrate on physical, emotional or external triggers and work on those

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